Ole Ben Franklin was right!


Ole Ben Franklin was right! In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

The property tax rate in Wake County and a few of its towns have increased. For buyers who are currently really tight qualifying, the extra money could impact getting a mortgage for your desired home. Let’s look at a home tax valued at $200,000 in Raleigh. The property taxes are a $130.40 increase a year, or just $10.87 more a month.  

For many home buyers the extra coins is enough to grumble about but are barely noticeable. Count your lucky stars you don’t own a home in Bridgeport Connecticut. The same $200,000 property carries a tax bill of over $8,400!!

Talk with your lender to see if/how this increase impacts your buying power.

On a positive note, property taxes are a deductible expense!!                    

Uggs and a mug!

The snow and ice advisories, early releases from school and snow make up days are common conversations lately. Sir Walter Wally saw his shadow and they say winter will linger a while longer. It certainly sounds heavenly to stay indoors,curl up with a blanket until warmer days. After all, that’s what everyone is doing right? Well.. I have a secret for you. While I was scheduling showings for qualified home buyers I admired their dedication and pluck. They were a force to be reckoned with and even the snow and cold temps wouldn’t deter them from finding their new home!
They are pulling up the Ugg boots, filling a mug with coffee, zipping their NorthFace jacket and we are off to write an offer on their new home.

Typically more For Sale signs begin to go up during the warmer months of April and May. Currently, the Triangle has a shortage of home inventory.

There are buyers in the market that are ready, willing and able to buy! Good homes are selling FAST. We are experiencing more multiple offer situations. Homeowners can be selective about the offers they accept and also put more money in their pockets. As we learned in Microeconomics 101, a low supply and a high demand means a higher price. Sellers can beat the Spring rush and increased threat of competition.

ice chicks

Get out ahead of the “I will list this spring” crowd. Sell, kick back and create memories with family and friends during the great thaw. Let me show you how your home can shine above the others. Call me today to get started.

Top 5 Ways to Attract the Right Buyer for Your House

1.     Fix it and Clean it. 


Comb through as if YOU were the Buyer and prepare a list of every nickel and dime fix-up you can find.  Items that need a little TLC loom larger in the eye of the Buyer and chip away at perceived value.  Challenge yourself to clear every little deferred maintenance item on the list and CLEAN the house within an inch of its life!  Be sure to pressure wash the front steps and entry way.

2.    Pare down, and Spiff up

1004.199.156602.green-cleaning-kitWhile you are cleaning, or better yet before you start, part with everything you can.  Your mission is to lighten the ship – throw things overboard – neutralize and de-clutter.  Create 3 piles: THROW AWAY, GIVE AWAY AND STORE AWAY. Go visit a model home to get an idea of how empty a “gorgeous”  model home appears.   You want your closets and drawers to look as if you have too much space.  Take down personal items and photos and pack them up.

Then if you find you have carpet that is worn or soiled, consider replacing it.  Consider repainting in neutral tones, change out brass fixtures for silver-toned or dark-toned ones.  Take a look at your front entry door hardware. Improving the look of the front entry is one of the most important and dollar-wise changes you can make.  Paint the door if needed.  Add a new  mat and a potted plant.  Check the doorbell and make sure it is functioning. You would be amazed at how this one item can make or break a home.

3.    Offer Incentives dues paid

  • Provide a home warranty.
  • Pay  for a year’s worth of H.O.A fees.
  • Pay for a year-long membership to the community pool or local club.

4.   Know the Market and Price it Right

Ask me for help with this. This is my area of specialty!

5.   Make it Accessible and Easy to Show

If a Buyer cannot see your home, they will not buy it.


This is not a permanent way of living, it is something you do to make sure you don’t miss out on a buyer who may be in town for only a day to find and choose a home.  Buyers who are serious and in a hurry, usually plan a full day of showings with an agent and then narrow the list to 2 or 3 to review and choose from.

If you miss out on their first tour, they will probably choose from what they have seen without returning another time to see your home.

Great Advice for Senior Sellers During Showings

Great Advice for Senior Sellers During Showings.

If there is one that frustrates real estate agents the most, it is when homeowners decide to stay home for showings!Aging gracefully

So, how do you get a senior homeowner to leave when their home is being shown?

First, let’s consider why they are choosing to stay there in the first place.

Even though it may feel like they are just trying to make our lives difficult, there may be in their minds very good reasons for staying put.

Ask yourself these questions… Is it possible they:

  • Don’t drive (or shouldn’t) – especially near dusk or after dark?
  • Have a pet that requires attention and taking them in the car is unsafe?
  • Need to stay near a bathroom?
  • Have scheduled in-home care at certain times during the day?
  • Cannot go out due to inclement weather?

Or, it’s entirely possible that they…

  • Want to meet potential buyers to see if they appreciate their home like they do
  • Are lonely and enjoy the conversation that showings bring
  • Believe it is their role to point out features of the home if their agent isn’t there
  • Are concerned about theft or having others look through their belongings
  • Have some prejudices about who is a good fit for their home (generationally common)

Regardless of their rationale or reason for wanting to stay home for showings, it is our job as agents to get to the bottom of it and provide potential solutions for making showings productive.

This requires a conversation — a very intentional conversation.

While most of the time and with most clients, we can merely say, “Be sure to leave the house during showings,” and they do, you may need to have a more thorough discussion with senior home sellers and provide your procedure and rationale in writing.

Revisiting this conversation is not a bad idea either, putting them at ease regarding concerns, fears, or questions.

Provide alternatives.

If you are serving an older adult, especially a frail older adult, who doesn’t have family support nearby, you may need to go above and beyond what you normally do relative to showings.

This little bit of extra effort is not only beneficial to the home sale process, but it can also be an amazing gift and value add setting you apart from the average agent.


Want to know more about Heather?

Maybe you have noticed all the neighborhoods around Garner with the name Heather?


 Ahh… the original!  Homes in this community were typically built from 1968-1997. 


 A little newer! These neighborhood began around mid 1980’s and still building!


Heatherbrook is a new community nestled in the heart of Garner! New homes offered here from the $200,000’s. 


This Heather is a luxury yet affordable apartment community built around 2000.

55 plus Active Adult Community in Garner

Today I decided to tour The Village at Aversboro. This is a prestigious premier Active Adult Community located in Garner.

The community is nestled close to shopping and wonderful Lake Benson. There are several plans to choose from ranging between 1650-2448 square feet. I must say that deciding on a floor plan is a hard choice. Here there are no cookie-cutter homes. They are actually built by a custom builder with all the bells and whistles. Extensive hardwood flooring, upgraded 42 in cabinets, Screened-In Porch or Sunroof option, and a magnificent kitchen.The idea is for a low-maintence living. Therefore, the homes are Brick Ranch Style with low maintenance vinyl siding and fiberglass columns.  Monthly low HOA fees cover your lawn maintenance.Today there were preparing for the community potluck at the club house. The residents enjoy a very active social lifestyle with their peers. Here the neighbors are friendly and are not afraid to wave when riding through. The community offers a club house designed for their social gatherings and residents can reserve for private events.

The Village at Aversboro is close to world class physicians and medical facilities such as UNC Hospitals, Duke University Medical Center, and WakeMed. Rex Healthcare is just under 4 miles away. blogger-image--693280136blogger-image--1455246460blogger-image-1257464182

Fits Like a Glove

So why did I choose to hook up with these guys?

GLOVE There are many reasons why I choose to be a part of the Go family. The core values here are genuine and we live by them daily. My favorite is that we believe in our clients. Go Realty is unlike any other firm in the Triangle that I’ve work with. Most real estate firms are really good at doing business the old fashion way.

Here, our clients matter first. When I bought my first home I was at times excited, nervous, anxious, and empowered. No doubt, I went through a complete emotional roller-coaster during those couple of months. However, after signing the stack of papers at closing, (yes there is a stack but you’ll get through it) and receiving my key, I knew it was all worth it. So to all the home-buyers out there, I feel your pain, I’ve been there myself.

As an agent, personally I must know every last detail, from the type of loan down to the exact color of hardwoods they selected. While many agents may be overwhelmed with these details, I feel it’s my duty. Go also believes in going the extra mile for those we serve. Little things make such a memorable impression. All of our listings have a personal website customized for that home and that specific owner. You will not find information about other listings, just yours. Isn’t that why you hired me, to sell YOUR home?

When I joined Go, I immediately knew that this was it. The love was intense and welcoming. Alas, an agent who is not motivated by production numbers, and making sales goals, has found a home where the rewards are the delighted families and clients we have served. Their faces are captured in print on the back of my business card, grace the blank note cards that I personally inscribe and portraits are on grand display in each office. These are friendly reminders of why I choose this career and Go as my family.